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Examples of our works


"Altum" tube amlifires:

Rare vintage vacuum tubes, solid wood and transformers of our own creation.


Vacuum tubes

We use vintage military grade vacuum tubes from the 30-50ies, which have deep vacuum and are made from rare-earth metals .


Solid wood body damps
vibrations and prevents them
from spreading to the
circuitry and tubes.

African Mahogany
Millettia Laurentii
Honduran Mahogany


Original technology from ALTUM
has six cores from high-quality metals hand-wrapped and cooked in
honey wax.

Vintage or new copper?

Counter to modern copper, christals in
vintage copper are organized in the direction of
the electric flux. This has an effect on the speed and clarity of the signal
In addition, purification of copper used to be performed with different
technics which causes it to store within itself other natural materials,
thus making the sound so unique and bright.


Acoutics «Altum»

Manufactured from whole woods with high-sensitivity vintage dynamics, made out of paper and wool.

Highliy sensitive
diaphragms made from paper and wool, that
deliver the comfortable
and harmonious live sound.

The whole wood in the body of the spears also emmits sound. In this fashion the body and the
diaphragm of the acoustic speaker play harmonically
together, just as though a musical instrument.

The panel of the acoustic body is made
b principles from the 50ies, which gives
the sound breath and width. Thanks to the
absence of resonance inside the body.

We create

Phono for vinyl

Tube Amplifiers

AC conditioning

Acoustic systems

Tube Monoblock

CD players with DAC

We manufacture original interconnect, interblock and acoustic cables
from vintage materials date
to the 30-50ies


Pressabout us:

This happened to all of us. You were listening to music. You loved it. But you felt that the sound lacked in power and quality. The questions of power have already been answered, they are measured in decibels. But when it comes to the quality of sound, things get very complicated (it is not as simple). How to definite it has always been a question hard to answer, but the answer to this question is ever nearer. It seems that we have taken a step in the right direction to understand its value.

Sounds are waves, same as everything our world is comprised of. Not only the visible, but even the whole. The one we may see, but also the one we have only heard of. Waves are the objects that surround us, our thoughts and feelings, the time we live in and the space in which we experience our lives. If I were a physical theorist, I would challenge this idea. There’s always something to object to on the evolutionary curve, but I am just a person, in some senses a citizen, in some a consumer. I don’t need any explanations. I want to receive pleasure from what is available to me.

With sound you may heal, with sound you may kill, with sound you may create moods and visual pictures. And that is not all, sound is a connecting link between people and everything living, between humanity, Earth and the whole universe. The channel, through which we deliver information and communication happens. Every one of us is, voluntarily or involuntarily, a receiver and simultaneously an emitter of radiation. It’s very important that those waves that the Earth emits, including the ones that we hear, are positive. Music, is the most widespread and understood by us bit-mapped kind of waves that our planet radiates. And it is in our power to make this noise favorable to life.

Current technologies are not natural to humans who have come to existence a finite amount of thousands of years ago, and have had only a brief evolutionary period in the digital world. They came in response to the demands of time and economies, but not of physiology and psychology of humans.. A simple music station in your living room can be your friend but also quite the contrary. It all depends on the radiated frequencies that are being emitted during the playback of all known to us compositions. At a first glance all music is recognizable, but if you listen closely, it is comprised of dissonances, that affect unnoticed, but undeniably negatively.

The chase for technical progress over-stepped many discoveries about the human development, which consequently have been forgotten. What once brought positive results with regard to all human needs of the modern man, has been ignored for the sake of new developments, in the chase of made up technological characteristics, power, frequency spread, forgetting about the informational composition of the sounding sound frequencies. Listen to music in its correct performance, with its real emotions, same thought processes, hopes, and desires as the author had in the moment of composing, and you will find yourself beyond time and space, moving into a new measure, connecting with the whole sound universe, experiencing the whole depth and strength of sounding notes from a talented piece.

Having gathered all accomplishments of humanity in the field of sound audible to the human ear, using technical solutions and talented engineered techniques, acoustic system Altum, without identifying itself with standardly measurable characteristic, offer you to experience the whole metaphysical body of sound, a new time, new space and new emotions of known compositions.

Tuev Michael Yurevich
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Teacher mechanics

Our audio systems

Released by group of highly talented group of engineers from the beginning
of the 2000s, during this time the form of our collaborations changed,
but the concept of live sound reamained the same, only increasing in experience and achivements. As a result the Workshop of
Live Sound was Created.

We believe in the idea,

Painstakingly we deliver our orders bringing fresh ideas
and practices into every new project. We live in this proccess every day
and truly receive pleasure from what we do
. We look at every acoustic system and
amplifier as musical instrument.


Open worldwide delivery

Every order is carefully
packaged and sent by courier company.

Even if you live in a different country, we are ready to fulfill
your order with the same professionalism and accuracy, as
if you were here watching over the whole proccess.

Life listening

We invite you to our ALTUM listening room
so that you can experience the
atmosphere of live and harmonic sound

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